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Study Abroad Programs

There is no magic list that shows the one program that’s perfect for you, but knowing about all the options can help you decide which
ones fit you best.  To help you in that process, check out the FAQs about selecting a program.

We’re here to help you manage the choices by providing information on the different kinds of programs available, where they are offered, and their pros and cons.

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Group Programs:

Lasting as little as a week to as long as three months, these programs led by a WIU professor offer flexibility and international experiences to students who find it difficult to be abroad for an entire semester.  Program offerings differ from year to year. Many departments have multiple programs that rotate according to a given cycle. Please click on the link to view current listings.

Exchanges :

These are direct relationships between Western Illinois University and institutions abroad.  Exchanges are often more affordable because you pay WIU tuition and fees.


These programs are WIU-approved programs offered by study abroad providers.