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Leading a group program

Thank you for your interest in leading a group program.  It is through the efforts of individuals like you that our students have the opportunity to experience new cultures, new destinations, and new ways of thinking outside the normal classroom.  These programs are especially valuable to students that are unable to or not comfortable with pursuing individual, semester-long programs.  Without these opportunities, those individuals would be missing out on a vital piece of their education.Group of students in front of the welcome to Wagga wagga sign

Benefits of leading a program
  • Students emerge from a study abroad program with a new outlook on themselves and the rest of the world.
  • Learning through all five senses creates a bigger impression than reading a description or seeing photos in a textbook.
  • You get to witness the "Eureka!" moment when a student truly comprehends a subject through experiencing it firsthand.
  • You get the opportunity to develop experiential learning exercises that engage the students in the host culture.

How to get started

1. Request the Faculty Manual.  This document will provide an overview of the policies and procedures involved in proposing and leading a group program. The Faculty Manual is available from Kim McDaniel in the Office of Study Abroad: call 298-2504 or e-mail her at

2. Discuss your ideas for a program with the Office of Study Abroad.  They will be happy to answer your questions and provide insights for writing the proposal.

3. Begin writing the proposal.  Please make sure to review the instructions prior to completing the forms.  Please visit our Faculty Directed Programs brochure page for more information.             


Proposal Submission Deadlines

An adequate period of time must be allotted for planning, student recruitment, and other necessary program elements in order to execute a successful program.  In order to provide you with the highest level of service, we must receive completed program proposals by the following deadlines:

Programs for:                                  Deadline:
Fall Break (November) November 1 of previous year
Winter Break (December/January) November 1 of previous year
Spring Semester November 1 of previous year
Spring Break March 1 of previous year
Summer (May-August) March 1 of previous year

Failure to meet these deadlines may result in proposal denial.  We will make every reasonable effort to consider late submissions but extenuating circumstances may prevent the approval of such proposals. For a more detailed overview of the program planning process, please contact our office.