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Returned Students/Alumni

Now that you're home....

Welcome home!  We hope you had a great time abroad.  Here are some ideas for keeping your study abroad experience alive now that you’re back at Western Illinois University.

Come see us!  Bring in your pictures, your stories, anything you want.  You are the expert on your study abroad experience and we want to learn all about it!
Evaluate the experience.  We appreciate your input on the Program Evaluation and the Safety Incident Survey.   They take only a few minutes to complete but provide us with invaluable information for future students.
Be aware of “reverse culture shock.”  Even though you’ve been away, things at home probably didn’t remain exactly as you left them.  Returning home can cause adjustment issues just like entering a new culture.  Additionally, you may find you miss the food, your friends, and the other things you loved about your host culture.  Check out What’s Up with Culture? for tips and strategies for combating this normal psychological phenomenon.

Join Western's Ambassadors for Study Abroad (WASA)

Join Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society

Attend the Welcome Back Party! (contact your Study Abroad Advisor for more details)


Share your study abroad experience.

Submit your favorite photos to the International Bazaar Photo Contest

Consider studying abroad again.  Contact us about pursuing another study abroad experience.  We’d love to help make it a reality!

Useful Websites:

Peace Corps

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